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Help us reimburse you quickly!

The more documentation you can provide the better.  Below are some helpful paperwork tips that make it quicker for us to approve and reimburse you.

Upload receipts, invoices, work orders, estimates, photos, and videos:

Provider information: Be sure that the provider information - name, address, phone number, and license number if required in your state - is clearly provided. It's also helpful to have the name of the technician that did the work. Please note that providers must be qualified professionals. Some manufacturers of appliances and HVAC equipment, also require that the technician be certified with them.  You can verify this with your manufacturer by calling their service line or on their website.

Photos and videos:  A picture says a thousand words.  Take photos of the unit when opened by the technician and submit.  Upload videos to demonstrate the odd noises coming from a failing unit.  

Receipts:  Include clear documentation that you have paid. 

  • Check number(s)
  • Zero balance
  • Credit card type
  • Showing "Paid" or "Paid in full"
  • Date of payment

Work orders/Invoices/Estimates:  The following details go a long way to being able to quickly approve your claim.

  • Detailed diagnosis that states what was wrong, what part had failed, what problems you were having. Age of the unit.  Was this a recurring problem?  What prompted the call or did it fail completely? 
    Example: The customer complained that the AC was turning on and off repeatedly and not cooling.  Then it stopped completely.  Discovered that compressor had failed and unit was very low on refrigerant. Unit is 13 years old and very worn.  Needs to be replaced.
  • Detailed repair notes stating what was done, what part replaced, any other checks or tests performed.
    ExampleReplaced the expansion valve as it was broken, replaced the condense coil which was leaking and old.
  • Model and serial number of the equipment.
  • Service call cost or free
  • Part/replacement cost
  • Labor cost

Replacements: If you are filing for a replacement, be sure that your provider describes in detail why the appliance or equipment could not be repaired in the diagnostic. "Not working, old" is not a sufficient reason.  Also note, that only replacements of equivalent features, size, capacity, brand will be covered. Upgrades can be made but Tend will only reimburse the cost of an equivalent unit. The model and serial number of the new equipment must be included on the work order, invoice, or receipt.

If you have any other questions or concerns before arranging service or at any time while service is done, please feel free to call us at 1.833.404.TEND (1.833.404.8363).